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Generic Shortages (NCSO & Price Concessions)

QUICK LINKS Report Generic Medicine Supply Issue NCSO/ Price Concession Archive REF: Drug Tariff Part II, Clause 8B and 9C January 2015 The Department of Health granted the following price concessions for January 2015: Drug name Pack size Price concession Clonidine...


PSNC Study on NCSO Claims

In recent months, PSNC has been hearing from contractors experiencing unprecedented problems with obtaining products in short supply or at the Drug Tariff price. This problem has been compounded where contractors have to obtain medicines for their patients before concessionary...


PSNC Briefing 081/13: NCSO and Price Concessions (July 2013)

Following on from PSNC’s recent LPC secretaries and chairs meeting in London at which CEO Sue Sharpe gave a summary of the current NCSO and price concessions system, LPCs requested an explanatory briefing on NCSO and price concessions which can be used to...


EPS endorsement

Information Required by NHS Prescription Services to Price Prescriptions The information required to be sent to the NHS Prescription Services electronically is, as now, only the essential information required to price prescriptions. Information on the dispensed product, where required, will...


EPS endorsing and submission FAQs

QUICK LINKS EPS main page EPS endorsing and submission main page Endorsements required Exemptions Supplementary product information in dosage instructions Submission Returns Schedule of Payments Accuracy of prescription pricing Claiming in time / expiry / payment window FAQs  


How the Price Change Mechanism Works

QUICK LINKS REF: Drug Tariff Part VIIIA, Note 2 As prices in the market are constantly changing, there is an agreed mechanism in place to increase and decrease the reimbursement prices for medicines. This is intended to take into account...


Fees & Allowances

QUICK LINKS REF: Drug Tariff Part II and IIIA Broken Bulk Out of Pocket Expenses Consumables & Container Allowance Pharmacy contractors can claim various fees for dispensing certain products: some are automatically applied and some requirement endorsement. Click on a heading below to reveal more...


Medicinal Products

QUICK LINKS REF: Drug Tariff Part VIII Dispensing Medicines (Service specification) Unlicensed medicines Medicinal products are items which are not considered to be appliances and include drugs, foods, toiletries and cosmetics. Please note that unlicensed specials and imports have separate arrangements...