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Nomination and patient consent

A number of safeguards have been introduced to ensure that patient choice is maintained when the system is in use: The patient can always request a paper FP10: Even after EPS nomination, the patient can choose to have a paper...


IG frequently asked questions

QUICK LINKS Deadlines Specific requirement queries Area Team support Funding Confidentiality The Online Toolkit (new) Q. Do I need to login on two occasions to complete the assessment (i.e. initial login and then on the following day, publishing the submission once...


Contract monitoring

QUICK LINKS Pharmacy Regulations 2013 CPAF as downloadable documents CPAF module on PharmOutcomes Contract monitoring visits Monitoring the use of SOPs NHS England’s local offices have responsibility for monitoring the provision of Essential and Advanced services. Arrangements for monitoring locally commissioned...


Providing the NMS

1) Standard Operating Procedure All pharmacies providing the NMS must have a Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) in place for the service. A template SOP can be downloaded from the NPA website. 2) Obtaining patient consent The service specification for the NMS says...


Obtaining EPS stationery

  Dispensing Tokens: NHS England through its local teams is responsible for issue of tokens EPS On-going Allowance Claim Form: EPS Allowance form : If you are already receiving the £200 monthly allowance linked to EPS Release 1, there is no...


IG templates

QUICK LINKS Requirement 114 Requirement 115 Requirement 116 Requirement 117 Requirement 119 Requirement 212 Requirement 213 Requirement 214 Requirement 304 Requirement 316 Requirement 317 Requirement 318 Requirement 319 Requirement 320 Requirement 321 Requirement 322 Other Templates ordered by Numbering used...


Have you started the national audit yet?

Pharmacy teams have been reminded that if they are not currently undertaking the national community pharmacy audit, then they must undertake this during the second period beginning next Monday 6th April. Period 2 will run from Monday 6th April to Sunday...


Distance selling pharmacies

QUICK LINKS Pharmacy Regulations 2013 Requirements FAQs Related Resources The National Health Service (Pharmaceutical and Local Pharmaceutical Services) Regulations 2013 detail a number of conditions for distance selling pharmacies in addition to the regulations governing all pharmacies. As compliance with...


Flu Vaccination FAQs

This page contains Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on the Flu Vaccination Advanced Service (last updated on 27th October 2015).    Return to the flu vaccination hub page