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There are 10,500 pharmacies in England dispensing over 960 million prescriptions each year.

Daily 1.8 million people visit pharmacy, with the average person visiting 14 times per year and 99% of patients reach their pharmacy in under 20 minutes.

This is why Community Pharmacy is so important and the LPC is the voice of pharmacy across Avon.


Wednesday 14th March – Engineers House

Wednesday 21st March – Fry’s Conference Centre

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Pharmacy Funding

Pharmacy Funding

We have a dedicated page to support you to maximise your pharmacy income.

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Unplanned Closure Guidance

Avon LPC launches unplanned closure guidance.  This should be used not only for snow, but also if the pharmacy fails...

March Online Training Event

Avon LPC launches its March online training event.  The topic this month is smoking to co-incide with No Smoking on...

Guidance on Dosette Boxes

Avon LPC releases guidance on how and when you should be providing dosette boxes to patients in line with the...