LPC Strategy

Avon LPC represents 225 pharmacy contractors across BANES, Bristol, North Somerset and South Gloucestershire.  We work to represent you to Commissioners, NHS England, Local and National Organisation and the public.

We also co-ordinate a comprehensive training programme including face to face training and webinars.

Every year we develop our strategy following our Annual Conference (October), which runs from 1st April to 31st March.  For copies of our strategy, please see below.

This is the live document that we use to ensure we are working towards a common goal and that we have focussed priorities that take us through the year and into the next.

Current Plan

For Avon LPC’s 2021-22 “Plan on a Page” click here

Historical Plans

For Avon LPC’s 2018-19 “Plan on a Page” click here

For Avon LPC’s 2017-18 “Plan on a Page” click here.

For Avon LPC’s 2016-17 “Plan on a Page” click here.