Barnsley Pharmacies

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Akram Za Ltd
22 High Street, Wombwell, Barnsley, South Yorkshire, S73 0AA

Tel- 01226 752253

Akram Za Ltd
Judy Row, Monk Bretton, Barnsley, South Yorkshire, S71 2EJ

Tel- 01226 207020

Asda Pharmacy
Asda Superstore, Old Mill Lane, Barnsley, S71 1LN

Tel 01226 704810

Barnsley Enterprises Ltd
21 Racecommon Road, Barnsley, S70 6AA.
This is a distance selling pharmacy)

Tel-01226 293996

Barugh Green Pharmacy
12 Higham Common Road, Barugh Green, Barnsley, S75 1LD

Tel-01226 391881

Birdwell Pharmacy
148 Sheffield Road, Birdwell, Barnsley, South Yorkshire, S70 5TD

Tel- 01226 350218

34-40 Cheapside, Barnsley, South Yorkshire, S70 1RT

Tel – 01226282616


Cortonwood, Brampton, Barnsley, South Yorkshire, S73 0TB
Tel- 01226 341957

Worsborough P/care Ctr, Powell Street, Worsborough, Barnsley, S70 5NZ

Tel- 01226 242026

Clark Am Ltd
1 Market Place, Penistone, Sheffield, S36 6DA

Tel- 01226 763103

Cohens Chemist
3, Victoria Crescent West, Barnsley, S75 2AE

Tel- 01226 320597

Cohens Chemists
Apollo Court, High Street, Dodworth, Barnsley, South Yorkshire, S75 3RF

Tel- 01226 203921

Cohens Chemist
16-18 Market Street, Hoyland, Barnsley, South Yorkshire, S74 9QR

Tel- 01226 743223

Cohens Chemist
199 King Street, Hoyland, Barnsley, South Yorkshire, S74 9LJ

Tel- 01226749062

Cohens Chemist
Walderslade Medical Centre , High Croft, Hoyland, Barnsley S74 9AF

Tel- 01226 746310

Darton Pharmacy
67 Church Street, Darton, Barnsley, South Yorkshire, S75 5HQ

Tel- 01226 383225

Elliott Rt Ltd
Burleigh Medical Centre, Burleigh Street, Barnsley, South Yorkshire, S70 1XY

Tel- 01226 282146

Ellison Chemist
Cockerham Hall Mews, 17 Huddersfield Road, Barnsley, South Yorkshire, S70 2LT

Tel- 01226 281666

Ellison Chemist
92 Park Grove, Barnsley, South Yorkshire, S70 1QB

Tel- 01226 203447

Gatehouse Pharmacy
The Gatehouse, Long Croft, Staincross, Barnsley, S75 6FH 

Tel- 01226 382422

Kexborough Pharmacy
3 Ballfield Lane, Kexborough, Barnsley, South Yorkshire, S75 5EF

Tel- 01226 388475

SkF Lo Chemist Ltd
Lundwood Medical Centre, Littleworth Lane, Lundwood, Barnsley, South Yorks, S71 5PN

Tel- 01226 240893

7 Cemetery Road, Barnsley, S70 1XS

Tel- 01226 282157

Unit C1, Barnsley Transinterchange, 32-34 Midland St, Barnsley, S70 1SE

Tel- 01226 289620

Oaks Pk Primary Care Ctr, Thornton Rd, Kendray, Barnsley, S70 3NA

Tel- 01226 284843

Lo’s Pharmacy Ltd
The Pharmacy, Queensway, Grimethorpe, Barnsley, S72 7LJ

Tel- 01226 711243

Lo’s Pharmacy Ltd
2a Baden Street, Worsborough Dale, Barnsley, South Yorkshire, S70 4SQ

Tel- 01226 282532

Morrisons Pharmacy
Cortonwood Retail Park, Brampton, Rotherham, S73 0TB

Tel- 01226 341193

Rd Hill (Chemist) Limited
5 Chatsworth Road, Athersley South, Barnsley, South Yorkshire, S71 3QL

Tel- 01226 282882

Rotherham Road Pharmacy
4 Rotherham Road, Great Houghton, Barnsley, S72 0DB

Tel 01226 757340

Rowlands Pharmacy
Chapelfield Medical Ctr, Mayflower Way, Wombwell, Barnsley, S73 0AJ

Tel- 01226 753425

Rowlands Pharmacy
5 George Street, Wombwell, Barnsley, S73 0DD

Tel- 01226 753355

Rowlands Pharmacy
Unit 1, 393 Darton Lane, Mapplewell, Barnsley, South Yorkshire, S75 6AL

Tel- 01226 382297

Shafton Pharmacy
Unit 1, High Street, Shafton, Barnsley, S72 8NF

Tel – 01226 780708

Silkstone Pharmacy
3 High Street, Silkstone, Barnsley, S75 4JH

Tel- 01226791838

Stone Pharmacy
Garland House Surgery, 1 Church Street, Darfield, Barnsley S73 9JX

Tel- 01226 270240

Superdrug Pharmacy
24/32 Cheapside, Barnsley, S70 1RR

Tel- 01226282106

Tesco Instore Pharmacy
Wombwell Lane, Barnsley, S70 3NS

Tel- 01226 881000


12 Hoyland Road, Hoyland Common, Barnsley, S74 0LY

Tel- 01226 743156

The Hoyland Centre, High Street, Hoyland, Barnsley S74 9AF

Tel- 01226 744633

The Health Centre, Carlton Street, Cudworth, Barnsley, South Yorkshire, S72 8ST

Tel- 01226 713925

11 Market Street, Penistone, Sheffield, S36 6BZ

Tel- 01226 762185

2 Snape Hill Road, Darfield, Barnsley, South Yorkshire, S73 9JU

Tel- 01226 754138

The Roundhouse Medical Centre, Wakefield Road, Barnsley,  S71 1TH

Tel- 01226 203928

244 Barnsley Road, Cudworth, Barnsley, South Yorkshire, S72 8SS

Tel- 01226 710415

Lo’s Pharmacy, Woodland Drive, Barnsley, South Yorkshire, S70 6QW

Tel- 01226 286312

Ward Green Pharmacy
95 Vernon Road, Ward Green, Barnsley, S70 5HJ

Tel- 01226 320790

Weldricks Pharmacy
65c Midland Road, Royston, Barnsley, S71 4QW

Tel- 01226 725631

Weldricks Pharmacy
The Thurnscoe Centre, Holly Bush Drive, Thurnscoe, Rotherham, S63 0LT

Tel- 01709893387

Weldricks Pharmacy
The Goldthorpe Centre, Goldthorpe Green, Goldthorpe, Rotherham, S63 9EH

Tel- 01709893287

Weldricks Pharmacy
48a High Street, Royston, Barnsley, South Yorkshire, S71 4RF

Tel- 01226 722581

Weldricks Pharmacy
St.Andrews Square, Bolton-on-Dearne, Rotherham, South Yorkshire, S63 8BA

Tel- 01709892370

Weldricks Pharmacy
26-28 Barnsley Road, Goldthorpe, Rotherham, South Yorkshire, S63 9NF

Tel- 01709893047

Weldricks Pharmacy
Welfare Road, Thurnscoe, Rotherham, South Yorkshire, S63 0JZ

Tel- 01709892207


 Listings last updated 01/04/2020

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