Smart Cards

Employed Pharmacy Staff

To obtain a Smartcard please download and complete the required forms from the PSNC website:

You then need to phone the RA help desk to make an appointment to have your card issues 01204 462220

Locum Pharmacists

Contact the RA team on the number above for further information.

Smart Card Audit

To enable Community Pharmacies to review or put in place business continuity plans for unlocking smartcards outside the RA office hours, NHS England requests Pharmacy Managers/Lead Pharmacists to fully complete the quick audit form for current staff, when requested. This audit will be beneficial in ensuring you have robust arrangements in place, in case you experience smartcard issues outside of RA normal office hours.

If you have any queries please contact:
Ian Lee RA Pharmacy Project Coordinator RA Agent
07824 537952  

If you haven’t already done so can you please complete and return the Audit below.

Pharmacy Smartcard rollout

and return to: