Patient safety incident reporting

Patient safety incident reporting

Since 2005, pharmacy contractors have been required to record patient safety incidents in an incident log and report these to the National Reporting and Learning Service (NRLS).

In 2021, a replacement for the NRLS – the Learn from patient safety events (LFPSE) service – was launched and contractors should now use that system for reporting patient safety incidents.

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The requirements for patient safety incident reporting by community pharmacy contractors are set out in the Approved Particulars.

How to report patient safety incidents

As part of the clinical governance provisions in the Terms of Service, contractors have to report patient safety incidents to the NHS.

One way to make these reports is via the LFPSE service website.

Some pharmacies instead report incidents via their head office/superintendent pharmacist/trade body, who will then record these (for example in specialist software systems, often described as Local Risk Management Systems) and also report them to the LFPSE service.

To facilitate the collection and recording of the information needed to report an incident, the following forms have been produced which community pharmacies may choose to use.

Recording pharmacy errors:

Community Pharmacy Medication Safety Incident (Pharmacy Error) Report Form (Microsoft Word)

Community Pharmacy Medication Safety Incident (Pharmacy Error) Report Form (PDF)

Recording errors/incidents external to the pharmacy (e.g. prescribing errors):

Community Pharmacy Medication Safety Incident (External Incident) Report Form (Microsoft Word)

Community Pharmacy Medication Safety Incident (External Incident) Report Form (PDF)

The LFPSE service is designed to be used by contractors using accounts linked to the individual pharmacy, but at the time of launch of the service (summer 2021), the functionality for user accounts to be linked to individual pharmacies has not been implemented. This functionality will be added to the service shortly and this webpage will be updated at that time. Until the functionality is released, contractors and their teams can instead make reports using the ‘Record anonymously’ route.

Other patient safety resources

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