Renewing Smartcards

Renewing Smartcards

Smartcards expire after two years if they are not renewed, for IG purposes.

When the renewal date approaches you will be prompted to renew at each login, so that you can renew your own card before the expiry date.

These four steps may be involved with renewal:

1. Renew your own Smartcard online

The process involves:

  • receiving the renewal prompt;
  • clicking ‘yes’; then
  • being taken to the relevant webpage on the Care Identity Service (CIS) to enter the information.

2. Renew with assistance from Administrator/Sponsor

There is a relevant leaflet.

The criteria for this method is:

3. Renewing an expired smartcard

If a Smartcard is not renewed within the two year period, prior to expiry, it will no longer be possible to use the card to access EPS.

A face-to-face meeting with the RA is required – explained above. The RA will use the relevant leaflet.


Q. What if I cannot access the CIS to renew online?

A. An N3 connection is required. Check with your IT provider or PMR system supplier, most systems should allow access to the CIS*. For guidance on troubleshooting other EPS issues see here.

* You may experience problems with accessing the CIS if you are using certain browsers. See here for more.

Q. Why can’t my old Smartcard be renewed?

Older cards with numbers beginning 01, 02 or 03 (in the bottom right hand corner on the back) cannot be renewed or unlocked. Speak with the Registration Authority about getting a new Smartcard in the case the old one reaches its renewal date, or becomes locked.

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