Updating Smartcard roles

Updating Smartcard roles

Appropriate ‘roles’ dictate what a pharmacy team member can do and what they can see by using their Smartcard. The intention is to preserve patient safety and confidentiality.

Three steps may be involved with updating roles:

1. Sponsor may request to the RA that a user has roles adjusted

To speed up the process, an in-branch Sponsor may request amended roles using the relevant leaflet.

Having one person at each pharmacy premises with the Sponsor role could help Smartcard processes.

2. The RA may process requests for a role change

Where the request has been made by a Sponsor they will use the relevant leaflet.

Pharmacy team members might also contact their RA to have roles adjusted.

3. The RA must authorize/adjust the role change

The RA will use the relevant leaflet.

Frequently asked questions

Q. How can I have the SCR role added to my Smartcard

Pharmacists and Pharmacy technicians needing access to SCR, can apply to have SCR roles added onto their Smartcard using the NHS Digital application form. The changes can be made remotely.

Once you have completed the SCR CPPE e-assessment, you can tick the box under the ‘SCR assessment registration process’ heading in your profile on the My CPPE section of the website. This will allow the RA and NHS Digital to see that you have passed the assessment and then allow you access to SCRs on your Smartcard.

Q. I have a Smartcard with the FFFFF locum code, how can I have the SCR role added to my Smartcard?

Locum pharmacists and pharmacy technicians with the FFFFF Smartcard code may follow NHS Digital guidance in order to gain access to SCR which states the below:

If locums with the FFFFF Smartcard code work in regular sites – they may have the site added to their card to reduce the need to use the generic code each time. The RA may check this when SCR access is requested. If there is no longer the business need for the FFFFF, this may be removed. If the FFFFF code is not present but may be needed, this could be raised with the RA (in situations where many pharmacies are worked at, at short notice). Locums which may work at multiple sites at short notice can apply for SCR locum access using the NHS Digital application form.

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