Smartcard software – Care Identity Service (CIS)

Smartcard software – Care Identity Service (CIS)

The software used to administer Smartcards is known as the Care Identity Service (CIS).


It can be used to unlock and renew Smartcards. It can also be used to update passcodes or contact details.

Local Smartcard Administrators (LSAs), Sponsors and Registration Authority staff also use CIS to administer card matters.

Criteria for access

  • Standard system settings (outlined in the ‘WES’).  Where pharmacy teams cannot access the Spine portal, this may relate to software/Java settings and therefore IT helpdesk should be contacted (e.g. their IT department if they have one, and/or their system supplier) to ensure their system is setup to run CIS as well as all of the other programs the pharmacy will need.
  • Access to the NHS portal.
  • Smartcard.
  • N3 connection.


The CIS can be selected from NHS Spine Portal: (Smartcard required).

NHS Digital has published some leaflets and information which help to explain how it can be used at their CIS page.


CIS Dashboard

Checking codes set onto card

See guide: My Profile Checking.


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