Unlocking a Smartcard

Unlocking a Smartcard

If a Smartcard passcode is accidentally entered wrongly three times, the smartcard can become locked. Three steps may be involved with unlocking:

1. Self-unlocking (requires prior registration of questions)

The leaflet for self-unlocking is here. You will have needed to register for this before your Smartcard has become locked. At present you will require an NHSmail address to do this. If your Smartcard is locked but you have not registered for the ability to self-unlock then consider steps 2 or 3 below.

2. Administrator/Sponsor attempt to unlock

Local Smartcard Administrators (LSAs)/Sponsors can use the online Smartcard software, Care Identity Service (CIS) to unlock a Smartcard (excepting their own).

They will use the relevant leaflet.

PSNC recommends one person at each premises is provided with the LSA role.

3. RA unlock

If a card is locked and the above step does not work, you may also contact your RA to request that it is unlocked.


Q. Why can’t my old Smartcard be renewed?
A. Older Smartcards with numbers beginning 01, 02 or 03 (in the bottom right hand corner on the back) cannot be unlocked. Users with these Smartcards should speak with the Registration Authority about getting a new Smartcard in the case the old one becomes locked or needs to be renewed.

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