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The Electronic Prescription Service (EPS) enables prescriptions to be sent electronically from the GP practice to the pharmacy and then on to the Pricing Authority for payment.

It has been deployed through two key releases. Release 1 (R1) in which the barcoded paper prescription form remains the legal prescription; most pharmacies have deployed R1.

Release 2 supports the transmission of electronic prescriptions; e-repeat dispensing; patient nomination of their selected pharmacy; GP cancellation of e-prescriptions; and the electronic submission of reimbursement claims to the Pricing Authority. Currently, prescribers can only issue an electronic NHS prescription where it is being sent electronically to a patient’s nominated pharmacy.

  1. Overview
  2. Preparing/enhancing EPS
  3. Dispensing & Supply (EPS)
  4. Business continuity (EPS)
  5. Endorsing and submission within EPS
  6. Cancelling/changing EPS
  7. Future




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