Dispensing and Supply (EPS)

Dispensing and Supply (EPS)

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eRD – electronic repeat dispensing

Pharmacy team preparations

Patient choice
Patient nominations (setting and changing)
Split prescriptions

GP practice

  1. Prescriber sends prescription
  2. Prescriber-issued EPS tokens
  3. Prescriber cancellation of EPS scripts

Pharmacy dispensing process

  1. Pulling down (downloading) prescriptions
  2. Dealing with split prescriptions
  3. Returning prescriptions to the Spine
  4. Assembly
  5. Dispensing tokens
  6. Dosage area – check inappropriate information is not here
  7. Right Hand Side and supplementary clinical information
  8. Dispense messages – sending
  9. Dispense messages – recalling


Post-dated EPS prescriptions
Controlled drugs


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