Sending an EPS dispense notification message

Sending an EPS dispense notification message

Once the medication has been dispensed a ‘dispense notification’ message can be sent to the central NHS Spine. This does not need to be done immediately after issue; staff can choose a convenient time that fits in with the pharmacy’s business processes. Also, there is some flexibility in how local systems support pharmacists with this process, for example one option is for pharmacy systems to generate a bar-code to include on the bag label which can be scanned at the point of dispensing to automatically update the system.

To complete the dispensing process, each prescription item must be marked as either ‘dispensed’ or ‘not dispensed’ (if all prescription items on a prescription have the same status it is possible to mark the entire prescription as opposed to marking individual items). There are also two intermediate statuses that can be used, ‘with dispenser – partial’ and ‘with dispenser – owing’, where part of the prescribed quantity has been dispensed and where none of the prescribed quantity has been dispensed but is likely to be dispensed at a later date. The Spine should be updated after each dispensing event, that is, each time a product is issued to the patient. There is no need to update the spine whilst the prescription is being prepared for collection.

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