EPS Prescription Tracker

EPS Prescription Tracker

A problem reported by EPS Release 2 sites has been patients arriving at the pharmacy but their electronic prescription is not there as expected. There are a range of possible reasons for this, for example the GP not having issued the prescription, the prescription being post-dated so it has not yet left the GP system or if it is a repeat dispensing prescription, the next issue may not have been pulled down from the spine via the automatic scheduling functionality as expected. Whilst rare, there may also be technical reasons that have delayed the arrival of an electronic prescription.

To support troubleshooting in pharmacy and GP Practices, NHS Digital developed and launched a simple EPS “Where is my prescription?” online tracker on the 10th June 2013.  The tracker allows prescribers and dispensing sites to be able to check the status of a prescription.


• Older versions of Internet Explorer may not work with this application.
• The tool may work with other browsers such as Chrome or Firefox, but no user support can be given if using such browsers as IE is the NHS standard.

If your pharmacy is part of a multiple you may need to contact your head office to arrange approval of the tracker site.

Using the tracker

A new web address is now required to access the site: https://portal2.national.ncrs.nhs.uk/prescriptionsadmin (Smartcard and N3 connection required).

NHS Digital guide to using the tracker can be found here.

The tracker requires the relevant prescription GUID number (unique identifier for each electronic prescription), which can be obtained from either the Dispensing Token where there is one or, from the GP surgery. The version released in August 2014, supports search by NHS number. The application is designed to be used when there is a legitimate need to verify that a prescription exists or to identify a prescription status during the prescribing and dispensing process, e.g. which dispenser has downloaded it, when was it dispensed or has it been claimed.

Issues with the Spine or the national Electronic Prescription service: Pharmacy staff can register to receive text or email alerts in the event that the national NHS Digital systems that support EPS are experiencing issues.

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