Pre-registration training grant

Pre-registration training grant

The Pre-Registration Training Grant is currently set at £18,440 per year.

Payment is made by NHS England in arrears. Further details about the training grant are set out in Part XIII of the Drug Tariff.

Local NHS England teams (formerly known as Area Teams) are responsible for instructing the NHS Prescription Services to make payments in respect of pre-registration trainees. For payment related problems linked to the pre-registration grant, the first point of contact is a contractor’s local NHS England team.

Pre-Registration Training Grant application form

In response to contractor requests, PSNC has developed a form which pharmacy contractors can use to apply to their local NHS England team for payment of the Pre-Registration Training Grant. There is no nationally approved form to claim this payment therefore the use of the form is not mandatory.

Pre-reg funding application form (PDF)

Pre-reg funding application form (Word)


Q. I took on a pre-registration trainee. Is there any payment available to help fund the costs of training?

Yes.  For periods of pre-registration training (i.e. the training establishment is approved by the General Pharmaceutical Council and the period of training is recognised as “pre-registration training”) the NHS will pay the pharmacy contractor a grant (see Drug Tariff (Part XIII)).  There are strict limits on claiming the grant – so please do submit a claim to NHS England at the start of the training period – and, if the training ends prematurely, you must inform the local NHS England team immediately in writing so that the grant is not overpaid.

Q. Do I have to pay all the pre-registration training grant to the trainee?

No.  The pre-registration training grant is a contribution to the cost of providing the training.

Q. I have been approached by a pharmacy graduate who unfortunately has failed the pre-registration assessment twice. The General Pharmaceutical Council requires the graduate to undertake a six month period of supervised employment, prior to taking the registration assessment. Does this qualify for the pre-registration training grant?

No. The grant is available only for periods of recognised pre-registration training experience.

Q. I have been approached by a pharmacy graduate who has completed part of the pre-registration training year, but needs to change training site (pharmacy premises approved by GPhC as being a site which can provide pre-registration students with the opportunity to develop and demonstrate the knowledge, skills and behaviours that patients and the public expect from a fully qualified pharmacist). Can I take on the trainee and receive the pre-registration training grant?

It depends. There are strict rules on changing pre-registration training sites.  The General Pharmaceutical Council should be contacted to determine whether the training will be recognised as part of pre-registration training.  Provided GPhC confirms that this constitutes a period of approved pre-registration training, NHS England should accept the application from the pharmacy contractor for payment of the pre-registration training grant for the remaining period of recognised pre-registration training, but it may be sensible to confirm with NHS England before you agree to employ the trainee.

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