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Contact Details for the Smartcard Office

Smartcard Office: Priory Rd Surgery, Priory Rd, Swindon, SN3 2EZ
Tel: Barbara Stratton 01793 864843 

If you are told to make contact with your “local Registration Authority” this is a good place to start! However, note that sometimes your “local Registration Authority” is someone or a department within your pharmacy group who has responsibility for Smartcards.

Different roles that pharmacy staff may have on their card

An individual may have more than one role on a card.

  • Pharmacy role (eg pharmacist, dispenser, MCA) specific to a pharmacy
  • SCR (available only to pharmacists and registered technicians) specific to a pharmacy
  • SCR Governance Person (aka SGP or Privacy Officer) – specific to a single or list of pharmacies
  • Sponsor – specific to a single or list of pharmacies
  • Identity Checker – NOT pharmacy specific
  • Card Unlocker – NOT pharmacy specific
  • FFFF code – for pharmacists who work in numerous pharmacies at short notice 

Useful guides – how to use the Care Identity Service on the Spine portal

RA forms

RA01A Registering for a smartcard RA02 re Registration agent ID checker
 RA01B applying for your first smartcard – form RA02 re RA Sponsor
RA02 re EPS Enabled Pharmacist Smartcard RA Agent Agreement
RA02 re EPS Enabled Medicine Counter Assistant Smartcard Sponsor Agreement
 RA02 – EPS Enabled Locum Pharmacist RA03 Request to cancel or reissue smartcard
RA02 re EPS Enabled Dispensing Technician  RA05 – Change of details
RA02-Pre Registration Pharmacist  Verification of identity checks
 RA02 – Leaver  

What do I do with the Smartcard when a member of staff leaves the team?

  • Complete an RA02 form as if they were a NEW member of staff, but instead of stating “ADD” change this to “DELETE”
    • Send form to Smartcard Office
  • The member of staff keeps the smartcard – their new employer will then complete the relevant RA02 to activate it.
  • ONLY if the member of staff is retiring completely and will NEVER work in the NHS/Community Pharmacy again
    • Complete form RA03 and send to smartcard office.