Signposting – ASAP

Signposting – ASAP

May 23, 2017

Need advice? Get help ASAP

We know that it’s not always easy for patients to know where to go when they need help with illness or injury, but it’s not an emergency. 

As we all know, for most everyday ailments a trip to A&E is not the answer.

The ASAP website and App allow users to ‘Search by Service’ or ‘Search by Condition’ – providing a step by step guide through symptoms, self care and signposting to the appropriate NHS service. Take a look and download the app now. 

This is a useful tool to recommend to your customers.

“Choosing the right health service for your condition or injury is vital if you are to get the best treatment.

“If have an illness or injury and you’re not sure where to turn, please use the ASAP Glos app for help or call 111. If you have a genuine emergency please call 999.”


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