Minor Ailments Service

Commissioned by NHS England.

NHS contract:

The new MAS contract has changed since the previous single service contract, and now incorporates all the CCG co-commissioned community pharmacy services. This includes URMS, Not dispensed, Call Out, Emergency Access to Drugs and MAS.

Useful documents:

To participate in the service, each pharmacy must return a completed expression of interest for the county wide service. This form asks for information about the pharmacy and the pharmacists who will be responsible for the service, and details of various governance leads for the company are required. If you work for a multiple, please ask your area manager to give you the relevant information; if you are an independent pharmacy, the same person is likely to fulfil each of these roles – and is most likely the superintendent. Please ask us for more information if you are unclear.

Active providers of MAS in Gloucestershire (Nov 2017)

2017 Pharmacy First Minor Ailments Summary for Care Navigation:

This is a useful document to provide to anyone who might refer into the service (eg GP Receptionists and Care Navigators; School Nurses and SureStart Centre Staff). It is also a useful training aid for Counter Assistants.

2017 Pharmacy First Minor Ailments Formulary


All participating pharmacists need to complete the CPPE Declaration of Competence for this service. A local requirement for this declaration is to complete the online assessment “Minor Ailments – a Clinical Approach”.)

Each and every pharmacist using the MAS needs to ensure that they have submitted a copy of their signed DoC, as “to use the service without completing and submitting a DoC is in breach of contract and could jeopardise future service commissioning”. Good quality photographs or scans of their DoCs should be sent to sue.freeman7@nhs.net

All community pharmacies within Gloucestershire are now eligible to provide this service, and their participation can be confirmed by contacting the relevant pharmacy directly (contact details available on NHS Choices). It is also suggested that pharmacies contact their local GP practices when the service starts.

Further supplies of leaflets can be obtained by contacting Elaine Johnson.

The leaflets are also available now on the CCG intranet under ‘promotional materials’ at https://ccglive.glos.nhs.uk/intranet/index.php?option=com_k2&view=item&layout=item&id=1089&Itemid=1017