Sexual Health – C-Card

Scheme number 5, commissioned by Public Health


C-Card pharmacy scheme overview

C-card quick guide for pharmacy June 2014

C-card ordering: to simplify the ordering of Condoms for the C-card scheme, there is now an order form on PharmOutcomes. Please use this to request supplies of condoms, or additional posters/window stickers. Orders will be collated through the week and transmitted to the team each Sunday, for processing on the next week.

List of C-Card Registration and Distribution Centres, should a young person ask to be registered for free condoms: 
You can download this page as a PDF.

Useful documents:

Fraser guidelines

Fraser competency CP oct12

 The new Sexual Health website for Gloucestershire:


From 1st April 2017, you are asked to direct anyone who needs a chlamydia test to to order a kit online.

All pharmacy stock of Chlamydia Kits should be removed from display immediately; cardboard grab bins can be destroyed (recycled).

For details about supplying Azithromycin via PGD please see our page Sexual Health – Level 2 Service.