Quality Payments NHS BSA claims portal: Key points to remember

Quality Payments NHS BSA claims portal: Key points to remember

June 13, 2018

The NHS BSA claims portal has now opened for this June’s Quality Payments so pharmacies can start drafting their submissions. NHS BSA has published guidance to help you use the portal.

The portal will remain open until 23.59 on Friday 13th July so you have lots of time to prepare your submission and check it carefully. There are some very important factors to bear in mind before hitting ‘Submit’:

  • You can only make ONE submission. Once you have submitted your claim you will not be able to make any changes or additions. That means that if you have forgotten to claim a payment, you will miss out.
  • You must pass ALL the gateway criteria to be eligible for any Quality Payments. Key things to remember include: you must have a shared pharmacy NHSmail; you must have checked and validated all three sections of your NHS Choices profile; your NHS Choices profile must include your bank holiday opening; if you’re using MUR or NMS as your advanced service, then your NHS Choices profile must say you provide it.
  • Don’t submit before 5th July if you need to increase your SCR usage. You can include Summary Care Record (SCR) usage up to and including Sunday 1st July. The SCR usage calculator will be updated for the final time at 10am on Thursday 5th July to include usage up to 1st July. If you’re not sure if you qualify for the SCR usage payment, wait until 5th July and check your final usage figure. (Note: You cannot include SCR usage after 1st July.)

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