Today is Quality Payments review date

Today is Quality Payments review date

June 29, 2018

Today (Fri 29th June) is the review date for 2018’s Quality Payments. This PSNC email includes some important reminders and advice of what you need to do by 23.59 tonight. You also need to read the full NHS England guidance and our tip guides to check the criteria. Here is a summary of what you need to do by 23.59 tonight:


NHS Choices

Make sure you have checked and validated all three sections of your NHS Choices profile, and that it includes your bank holiday opening times and provision of MUR/NMS if you are claiming them as your advanced service. Bricks-and-mortar pharmacies can check their compliance status in these two documents (correct up to Wed 27th June): Check your compliance status, Pharmacies that have not completed the process. (Note: These documents do not include distance-selling pharmacies.)


Make sure you have an active shared NHSmailbox specific to your pharmacy branch, and that you can send and receive emails from it today. It is a good idea to send and receive test emails and keep them as proof.

EPS and Advanced Services

You must also be compliant with the gateway criteria for provision of EPS and at least one of the following advanced services: MUR, NMS or NUMSAS.


DoS Profile 

Make sure all your NHS 111 Directory of Service (DoS) profile(s) is/are correct, including your bank holiday opening times, and that you have confirmed this. You may have more than one profile for each pharmacy branch e.g. Pharmacist / Pharmacist Extended Hours / NUMSAS. You need to check all of them.

Other quality criteria (except SCR usage)

If you want to claim the Quality Payments for Dementia Friends, safeguarding, HLP Level 1, written patient safety record, CPPQ, and/or asthma referrals, you must be compliant with the relevant criteria by 23.59 tonight (29th June).

SCR usage

There is a Quality Payment for increasing SCR usage between Period 1 and Period 2 (or having used it at least 100 times in both periods). Period 2 doesn’t end until Sunday 1st July, so you can include SCR usage up to and including Sunday (1st July) in your claim. This SCR usage calculator shows your current status (correct up to last Sunday). The final SCR usage figures will be available from 10am on Thursday 5th July, so you can check your final figure then. (This will NOT include any SCR usage after 1st July; you cannot include SCR usage after 1st July in your claim).

Here is a summary of the 2018 quality criteria and the points available.



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