Introduction & key changes


It is currently unclear whether there will be any future Quality Payments, pending the outcome of national contract negotiations. These pages will be updated or archived when we have further information about this.  

This page summarises the full guidance from NHS England. Please make sure you read the full NHS England guidance as well. Download this page as a PDF.

Overview & key changes

Review date: Friday 29th June 2018

How to claim: Claim via NHS BSA portal between 09.00 on Monday 11th June and 23.59 on Friday 13th July. You must complete all questions. You also need to keep evidence showing you meet the criteria.

Changes since 2017: There are some important changes since 2017. Make sure you read the new NHS England guidance carefully and don’t assume you will automatically qualify based on last year.

Points & payments: Pharmacies can claim up to 100 points in Quality Payments. Payment-per-point will be between £32-£64, depending on the total number of claims. The final value will be calculated to distribute the full £37.5m Quality Payments funding.

What’s involved:

You need to meet all 4 gateway criteria on 29th June 2018 to be eligible to claim any Quality Payments:

  • Providing MUR/NMS or registered for NUMSAS pilot
  • Up-to-date pharmacy profile on NHS Choices. Must include bank holiday opening hours. Profile must have been edited/validated between 00.00 on 9th Apr 2018 and 23.59 on 29th Jun 2018)
  • Ability to send and receive NHSmail using premises shared NHSmail account
  • Ongoing use of EPS

You can then claim for the following Quality Payments if you meet the criteria on 29th June 2018:

Quality Payment Points
Written patient safety report: Written report available on pharmacy premises for inspection on 29th June. Report must cover the pharmacy’s analysis of incidents and patterns (taken from ongoing log), evidence of sharing learning (locally and nationally), actions taken in response to national safety alerts etc. The report must have been updated/published since 24th November 2017. You can’t use exactly the same report as last year; you can use an updated version including new information. 20

Safeguarding: 80% pharmacy professionals have completed Level 2 safeguarding training in the last 2 years (children and vulnerable adults).

Make sure staff completed this training and assessment (or re-assessment) between 30th June 2016 and 29th June 2018.


Community Pharmacy Patient Questionnaire (CPPQ): Results from your CPPQ survey in the last 12 months are published on your NHS Choices profile (or on your website if you are a distance-selling pharmacy).

If you claimed in 2017, you must publish results of a new survey; you can’t use the same survey results as last year.


Healthy Living Pharmacy Level 1: The pharmacy is a Healthy Living Pharmacy on 29th June.

The qualification periods have changed since 2017 e.g. some pharmacies that did not have to complete self-assessment of competence now have to do so.


Summary Care Record: Increased use of SCR in Period 2 compared with Period 1 or used it at least 100 times in both periods.

The dates have changed: Period 1 is Mon 1st May 2017 to Sun 26th Nov 2017; Period 2 is Mon 4th Dec 2017 to Sun 1st Jul 2018.

NHS 111 Directory of Services: Information about the pharmacy is up to date on 29th June. Must have been edited/validated using DoS Profile Updater between 10.00 on 8th May 2018 and 23.59 on 29th Jun 2018. 5
Asthma reviews: Pharmacy can show evidence it referred any asthma patients dispensed more than 6 short-acting bronchodilator inhalers without any corticosteroid inhalers within 6 months since 24th November 2017 to an appropriate healthcare professional for asthma review. If you claimed in 2017, you will need to do a new review of patients. 20
Dementia Friends: 80% of all patient-facing staff are Dementia Friends. Check 80% of current patient-facing staff are Dementia Friends if you’ve had some staff turnover. 10

Full guidance from NHS England

This tip-sheet is just a summary. You must also read the full NHS England guidance to make sure you meet the Quality Payments criteria. There are 3 key documents:

  • Updated guidance for June 2018
  • Gateway Criteria Guidance
  • Quality Criteria Guidance

NHS BSA has also published guidance on how to use the claims portal