About Us

Leicestershire and Rutland Local Pharmaceutical Committee represent Community Pharmacies across Leicestershire and Rutland.

The committee is made up of 13  members; 7 independent contractors, 1 AimP and  5 nominated by the Company Chemists Association.

The committee also employs 2 members of staff who are based at Leicestershire and Rutland LPC Office, 54 Brandon Street, Leicester LE4 6AW

A copy of our current LPC constitution can be found here: LPC Constitution Leicestershire and Rutland LPC

Leicestershire and Rutland LPC will innovate, inspire and support Community Pharmacy teams. As the representative body of Community Pharmacy, we reinforce the importance and value provided by our profession.We represent contractors in local and national consultations to NHS England, Health and Wellbeing Boards and PSNC; We support, provide resources and guidance to our pharmacy contractors; support local enhanced and commissioned services promoting our local pharmacies enabling us to deliver quality healthcare and improved outcomes to our patients.

Luvjit Kandula – Chief Officer has a background in community pharmacy with experience independent  and corporate positions in Pharmacy , Head Office  and Service development roles.

Email: chiefofficer@leics-lpc.co.uk
Phone: 07984465837/07891516122
Address: Leicestershire and Rutland LPC , 54 Brandon Street ,Leicester , LE4 6AW

Committee Members and Contact Details

updated november 24th 2016

Committee Member Position  email contact
 Satyan Kotecha  Chair – Independent  satyan@pharmacymail.co.uk
 Adam Thomas Treasurer – AIMp  a.thomas@morningside.co.uk
 Rafica ahmed   CCA  rafica.x.ahmed@boots.co.uk
 Satyan Kotecha  Member – Independent  satyan@pharmacymail.co.uk
 Neena Lakhani  Member – independent  neena@leics-lpc.co.uk
 Jane Lumb  Member – independent  janelumb@masonschemists.co.uk
 Sue Hind  Vice Chair  Sue@leics-lpc.co.uk
vacancy  Member –  CCA vacancy
 Shezad Alimahomed  Member – CCA  shezad.alimahomed@boots.co.uk
Pallavi Dawda Member – independent p.dawda@nhs.net
Mohammed Ibrahim Member – independent mibrahim@rxadvisor.co.uk
Altaf Vaiya Member – independent Altafvaiya@hotmail.co.uk
Liane hannah Member – CCA Liane.Hannah@boots.co.uk