LPC Chairing and Facilitation Skills 2016

Tuesday, 28 June, 2016

Chairing and facilitation skills

The LPC meeting is the heart of the LPC’s work. Chairing the LPC meeting in an effective and professional way, and encouraging team work are key to the success of the organisation –  particularly in challenging times.

This PSNC seminar is for new LPC Chairs, Vice Chairs, LPC subgroup chairs and other LPC members and officers who would like to develop their chairing skills. The day is also for longer standing LPC Chairs and Vice Chairs who feel that professional training would help make their meetings more effective.

The day also includes learning a different but complementary skill:   how to facilitate groups- perhaps a contractor meeting or an LPC strategy day. A unique skill set to guide a group, encourage input and keep the group discussion moving forward.


The day will cover:

Chairing meetings

  • Planning agendas
  • Energising meetings and encouraging discussion
  • Gaining and maintaining co-operation throughout the meeting
  • Handling disruption and confrontation
  • Dealing with difficult people
  • Adapting your approaches and behaviour to suit different types of meetings
  • Being assertive – and getting the first few minutes of the meeting right
  • Getting through the agenda and ending on time
  • Concluding on the right note
  • Minutes- styles and what to record

Facilitation skills

  • What is a facilitator and how it differs from chairing a meeting?
  • A facilitators skills and techniques
  • How to plan for a successful outcome
  • Types of facilitator intervention
  • Getting involvement and moving forward
  • Pitfalls

The day includes practical exercises to practice and develop the skills.

Seminar leader

The seminar is led by Phil Parry from Phil Parry Associates. Phil designs and delivers training for a broad range of clients and regularly works with senior and top level management in a wide range of national and international companies. Phillip has run several PSNC seminars for LPCs specialising in interpersonal skills including handling meetings and managing people and always receives outstanding feedback from LPC delegates.

Where and When

28th June London – Ambassadors Bloomsbury Hotel

7th July in Wakefield – Holiday Inn

How to register

Please click here to book your place

Cost is £175


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