Registration for the LPC Conference and LPC Chairs and Chief Officers meeting 2017

The LPC Conference is on Wednesday 1st November (10.30am – 4pm); the meeting of LPC Chairs and Chief Officers is on Tuesday 31st October (starting at 2pm). Both are in Manchester.

LPC Conference agenda

Although the agenda for the Conference remains flexible so that LPCs can debate any major announcements, the day will include discussions on Primary Care Transformation, STP engagement together with opportunities for LPC’s to share ideas and good practice. The Mayor of Greater Manchester and former health minister Andy Burnham has been invited to address Conference. The final agenda will be published in October.

The LPC Conference remains an important event for LPCs to represent their views for PSNC to take into account in its planning meeting later in the month when PSNC’s priorities and plans for 2018 are agreed.

How many representatives?

The number of representatives that may attend the Conference depends on the number of contractors represented by the LPC and is as follows:

Up to 100 contractors – 2 representatives
101 – 200 contractors – 3 representatives
201 – 300 contractors – 4 representatives
301 – 400 contractors – 5 representatives
401 – 500 contractors – 6 representatives
501- 600 contractors – 7 representatives

LPC representatives can speak and vote at the Conference. There is no charge to the LPC for registering delegates. No more than the relevant number of delegates above can be registered. The LPC decides which committee members or officers it wishes to represent the views of the LPC and its contractors at the Conference as a delegate.

LPC Chairs and Chief Officers meeting

On ​the ​afternoon ​before ​the ​LPC ​Conference ​there ​is ​a ​meeting ​of ​LPC ​Chairs ​and ​Chief ​Officers. ​The ​purpose ​of ​this ​meeting ​is ​for ​PSNC ​CEO ​Sue ​Sharpe ​and ​the ​policy ​team ​to ​give ​confidential ​updates ​on ​current ​issues. ​The ​meeting ​starts ​at ​2pm ​and ​will ​finish ​no ​later ​than ​5pm. ​Two ​places ​per ​LPC ​can ​be ​registered ​and ​there ​is ​no ​delegate ​fee. ​

How to register for these events

To register for the LPC Conference: click here.

To register for the LPC Chairs and Chief Officers meeting: click here.

Whilst there is no charge to LPCs for registering LPC representatives at the LPC Conference or Chairs and Chief Officers at their meeting, travel and expenses are the responsibility of the LPC.

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