LPC Support Seminar – Media Skills Training

Friday, 10 October, 2014

The media can be your best friend or your worst enemy. On this PSNC training course you will discover how the media operates and be given the confidence to work with it. The experienced tutors will tell you how and why editors in the media decide what makes a story newsworthy. You will be put on the spot yourself and trained to give relevant and relaxed interviews with concise key messages.

The day will show you how to write effective press releases, prepare for interviews – the tips and techniques; how to prepare those key messages and get them across- whatever the question.

The day will concentrate on the media LPCs are most likely to deal with – the local press and radio -with coaching on how to handle the media successfully and where the mistakes can occur.

The theme for the day will be how to use the media to promote community pharmacy services – giving delegates the opportunity to use their expertise immediately. There will also be training on how to deal with negative pharmacy stories.

The event will be led by two experienced communication consultants from Luther Pendragon-including Luther managing director Simon Whale. Luther Pendragon has worked for many years with PSNC and LPCs. Leaders in community pharmacy public relations Luther have run successful national pharmacy campaigns and work with MPs and Peers on the running of the All Party Pharmacy Group.

Where and when

The training is on Friday 10th October and the venue is Luther Pendragon 3 Priory Court Pilgrim Street London EC4V 6DE

Registration is from 9.30am for a 10am start, finishing at 4pm. Lunch is provided.

The delegate fee is £165 and numbers are limited so early registration is advised.

To register go to Media Skills Training Booking

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