National Meeting of LPC Treasurers 2017

Thursday, 18 May, 2017

National meeting of LPC Treasurers

The second national meeting for LPC treasurers is on Thursday 18th May in central London. The event is for LPC treasurers to share ideas, resources and good practice; receive updates and information from finance professionals; and network with LPC treasurers from across the country.


  1. Welcome and any additional items for the agenda
  2. Judicial Review and Community Pharmacy Contractual Framework changes – financial reports and impact
  • JR income and expenditure reports
  • Implications of the JR decision on LPC finances
  • Changes to the Community Pharmacy Contractual Framework and contractor funding – impact on LPC finances including staff
  1. Levy collection – current method of collection and options for change
  2. Financial governance – controlling spend: limits of authorisation at discretion of Chief Officer LPC finance and provider companies; approving payments electronically
  3. The financial risks with HR and recent HMRC changes – Irenicon

Lunch 1-2pm

  1. LPC Insurance – NPA: what is currently provided through PSNC and additional options
  2. LPC Treasurers support – what financial information would Treasurers like to have to benchmark any other support needs
  3. AOB and Q&A

Close of meeting – No later than 4pm


Date: 18th May 2017

Time: 10.30am -4pm

Location: Ambassadors Bloomsbury Hotel

Cost: £85

Please click here to register

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