Ask PSNC: Flu FAQs


Ask PSNC: Flu FAQs

September 11, 2017

The team at PSNC has received a number of queries on the NHS Flu Vaccination Service 2017/18. Below are some of the questions asked in recent weeks.

Q.How do contractors inform NHS England that they intend to provide the Advanced Service?
Contractors must notify NHS England that they intend to provide the service via a declaration on the NHS BSA website. This must be done each year prior to provision of the service.

 If the form is not completed before provision of the service, claims for payment will not be accepted by the NHS BSA.

The electronic form on the NHS BSA website asks for the Pharmacy Organisation Code; this is the ODS or F code for the pharmacy that is used on the end of month submission to the Pricing Authority. If the form is incorrectly completed it may result in non-payment for the service.

Q. Does the notification of NHS England of a pharmacy contractor’s intention to start providing the service (via the form on the NHS BSA website) need to be undertaken for each pharmacy a contractor owns?
Yes. The notification may be undertaken centrally by one person on behalf of the contractor, but a notification needs to be made for each individual pharmacy that will be providing the service.

Q. Can pharmacy staff other than a pharmacist administer the vaccine?
No. The flu vaccination is administered under the authority of the national Patient Group Direction (PGD) and the associated regulatory requirements mean that products have to be administered by a pharmacist; administration of a parenteral POM cannot be delegated to another person after the supply has been made under a PGD by a pharmacist.

Q.Do pharmacists have to send a copy of the signed PGD to NHS England or another organisation?
No. The signed PGD should be retained in the pharmacy where the pharmacist is administering vaccines.

Q. Can I administer flu vaccinations at premises other than the pharmacy premises?
If a pharmacy receives a request from a long-stay residential care home or other long-stay care facility to vaccinate a resident/patient away from the pharmacy premises and approval is given by the local NHS England team then a contractor can provide vaccinations at a suitable location within the care home or care facility (contractors must follow the protocols set out in Annex C of the service specification). However, the service does not allow pharmacists to provide off-site vaccinations for any other group of patients at any other premises.

More FAQs on flu can be viewed at

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