Ask PSNC: Quality Payments FAQs


Ask PSNC: Quality Payments FAQs

June 5, 2018

The team at PSNC has received a number of queries on the interim Quality Payments Scheme. Below are some of the questions asked in recent weeks.

Q. Do all pharmacy staff have to be able to send and receive NHSmail from the pharmacy’s shared premises NHSmail account?
No. In most pharmacies, only three staff have been allocated a personal NHSmail account via which they can access the shared premises account. On the day of the review, as long as one pharmacy staff member can access the shared premises account, then this is sufficient to meet the gateway criteria.

Q. Is it possible to achieve some of the points for a quality criterion at a review point if you partially meet the criterion, for example, if only 40% of pharmacy staff working in patient facing roles are trained ‘Dementia Friends’ instead of 80% can I claim half the points?
No. A contractor will either meet the criterion or not; it is not possible to achieve only some of the points in this way.

Q. Can I change my hours on the DoS Profile Updater without informing my local NHS England team?
No. Under the Terms of Service, contractors:

  • wishing to amend the distribution of their core contractual hours must apply to NHS England for permission to change them; and
  • wishing to amend any supplementary hours, that they open additional to the core contractual hours, must notify NHS England, giving at least three months’ notice of the intended change.

Full details regarding a contractor’s contractual responsibilities regarding opening hours, including relevant application forms for changes, is available on the PSNC Opening hours page.

Q. Once I have edited and/or verified my Bank Holiday opening hours on NHS Choices, what happens if my opening hours for these Bank Holidays change afterwards?
NHS England’s local teams will use the Bank Holiday opening hours entered in each pharmacy’s profile to plan provision of services on those dates. If the pharmacy’s planned opening hours for these Bank Holidays change after the editing and/or validation of their NHS Choices profile, they should update the Bank Holiday opening hours within their NHS Choices profile and they should notify their local NHS England team.

Q. The safeguarding quality criterion states that 80% of registered pharmacy professionals working at the pharmacy have achieved level 2 safeguarding status for children and vulnerable adults in the last two years; does this include locums?
Yes. This includes locums, so contractors should encourage temporary staff, such as locum pharmacists, to undertake the training and assessment.



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