Ask PSNC: Quality Payments FAQs

Ask PSNC: Quality Payments FAQs

March 20, 2017

The team at PSNC has been receiving a number of queries on the Quality Payments Scheme; below are some of the questions asked over the last week.

  1. Is attendance at face-to-face level 2 safeguarding for vulnerable adults and children training required to meet the safeguarding quality criterion or is e-learning sufficient, for example, is the CPPE e-learning level 2 e-course and e-assessment sufficient to meet the quality criterion?
    The requirements to achieve level 2 safeguarding for vulnerable adults and children will depend on the training provider that the pharmacy professional has decided to use and how their course has been designed to meet the level 2 requirements. Therefore, depending on the course provider, face-to-face training may be required as part of their course. However, it is not a requirement for pharmacy professionals to attend face-to-face training to meet the quality criterion and completion of the CPPE course and e-assessment would therefore be sufficient to meet the quality criterion.
  1. Is it possible to partially complete the NHS BSA declaration for my Quality Payment, and then submit it later before the deadline?
    Yes. However, if contractors partially complete the form, they will need to ensure they remember to complete the declaration and submit this by the deadline. Contractors who only partially complete the declaration and do not submit it will not be eligible for a Quality Payment.
  1. Once I have submitted my declaration on the NHS BSA website for the Quality Payments Scheme, will I get a confirmation email?
    Yes. Once the declaration has been submitted the contractor will receive an email from the NHS BSA confirming that the declaration has been successfully submitted and confirming the details that have been declared. This email should be retained by the pharmacy as proof that the declaration was submitted and the date of submission. 
  1. When I complete the NHS BSA declaration for my Quality Payment, is it correct that I can only submit this once?
    Yes. Once a contractor has submitted their online declaration it cannot be altered. It is therefore imperative that contractors check their declaration thoroughly before submitting their declaration.
  1. When will I receive my payment for the Quality Payments Scheme?
    Payments due from each review point will be paid as part of the full value of services for that month, i.e. payment from April 2017’s review point will be paid at the end of June 2017 and payment from November’s review point will be paid at the start of February 2018.

More FAQs on the Quality Payments Scheme can be viewed at:

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