Ask PSNC: Quality Payments FAQs


Ask PSNC: Quality Payments FAQs

April 18, 2017

The team at PSNC has been receiving a number of queries on the Quality Payments Scheme; below are some of the questions asked over the last week.

  1. For the patient safety quality criterion, does the written patient safety report need to be submitted to NHS England?
    No. The report does not need to be submitted routinely to NHS England but contractors should ensure that a copy of the report is kept in the pharmacy.
  1. The patient safety quality criterion states that a ‘written’ safety report at premises level needs to be available for inspection; does this need to be handwritten or can it be computer generated (typed)?
    The report can be either hand written or computer generated (typed).
  1. For the CPPQ quality criterion, how do I upload the CPPQ results to the pharmacy’s NHS Choices page?
    Details on how to do this can be found on the Quality Payments – Community Pharmacy Patient Questionnaire (CPPQ) results page.
  1. For the Healthy Living Pharmacy (HLP) quality criterion, how often (if at all) will the leadership and RSPH training need to be repeated?
    There is no reference to the need for repeated training in the HLP quality requirements, so as long as a contractor has staff in post that have undertaken the relevant training, that will meet the requirements.
  1. I have completed the RSPH assessment of compliance, does that mean my pharmacy is now a HLP Level 1?
    No. A pharmacy is not a HLP Level 1 until RSPH has confirmed registration and provided the HLP logo and certificate. RSPH will endeavour to contact contractors by mail or email within 10 working days after they have received the submitted online assessment of compliance.Contractors are therefore advised to consider this time frame when planning how long it will take to achieve HLP Level 1 to ensure this ‘processing time’ does not prevent contractors from achieving the Quality Payment criterion at the April 2017 or November 2017 review point.

More FAQs on the Quality Payments Scheme can be viewed at:

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