Book now for our Schedule of Payments webinar


Book now for our Schedule of Payments webinar

May 15, 2019

PSNC and the NHS Business Services Authority (NHSBSA) will be holding a Schedule of Payments webinar on Tuesday 11th June at 7.30pm.

The webinar will aim to help community pharmacy contractors to better understand their FP34 Schedule of Payments.

Webinar Details

When is it?
Tuesday 11th June at 7.30pm.

Who should attend
Every community pharmacy contractor who wants to better understand their pharmacy’s monthly payments.

How do I register?
Please click here to sign up.

During the online event PSNC and NHSBSA will:

  • Explain how your pharmacy’s monthly Schedule of Payments is put together;
  • Highlight how potential discrepancies between the FP34c and FP34 can creep in;
  • Describe where to find various fees and payments in the Schedule;
  • Illustrate why your monthly payments may fluctuate; and
  • Show you how to use your Schedule to monitor performance.

During the 60-minute webinar viewers will also be given the opportunity to ask questions.

So, if you want to better understand the payments your pharmacy receives from the NHS, please join us for the ‘Understanding your Schedule of Payments’ webinar.

Book your place now

Unable to attend the webinar?
Don’t worry, you will be able to watch a recording on the PSNC website a few days after the event.

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