Budget 2017: Chancellor pledges £10 billion for STPs

Budget 2017: Chancellor pledges £10 billion for STPs

November 22, 2017

An extra £2.8 billion will be made available to the NHS in England over the next three years, Chancellor Philip Hammond confirmed in his Budget speech today.

£350 million will be given immediately to assist with winter pressures, with a further £1.6 billion being delivered in 2018/19 and the remainder in 2019/20. Acknowledging that the service “remains under pressure”, the Chancellor announced this additional resource as an exception because it falls outside the usual Spending Review process.

Reconfirming the Government’s commitment to Sustainability and Transformation Plans (STPs), the Chancellor also pledged £10 billion to investing in “an NHS which is fit for the future” and he expressed his hope that STPs will make the NHS more resilient.

Whilst there were no announcements specific to community pharmacy, PSNC hopes that local commissioners will recognise the need to invest in the development of pharmacy services through STPs to help create a sustainable future for patient care.

PSNC Chief Executive Sue Sharpe said:

“Sustainability and Transformation Plan leaders must now make the right decisions to make the most of the investment announced today and ensure the sustainable future that the Government wants. That means working with the parts of primary care that have the most contact with patients, and it means investing in services that improve the health of local populations. Making best use of the network of community pharmacies on the high street will be vital to achieving their objectives.

The Budget also recognises the pressures that the NHS is under right now. Only yesterday, community pharmacy was in Parliament explaining just how we could make a difference, helping patients and reducing pressure on GPs and hospitals in winter. Yet despite the obvious need for just this sort of help as the NHS heads into a tough winter period, community pharmacies are facing unprecedented funding challenges. We hope that the additional funding announced today will be spent wisely, on services that we know can help patients and wider public services, and which make full use of the network of community pharmacies.”

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