Capita PCSE services update: Pharmacy compensation claims

Capita PCSE services update: Pharmacy compensation claims

April 7, 2017

NHS England has set up an email account to handle claims from community pharmacy contactors about losses they have incurred due to poor service from Primary Care Support England (PCSE).

This follows a range of issues that have arisen since Capita’s takeover of the PCSE service contract in 2015, including delays in market entry decisions and late payments.

PSNC has been in ongoing correspondence with Karen Wheeler, NHS England National Director: Transformation and Corporate Operation, escalating concerns as well as seeking remedial action, compensation and a route for contractors to use to raise issues with NHS England.

In a letter to PSNC, Ms Wheeler has now set out how such a route has been provided, asking for all correspondence from contractors to be sent to: This will enable NHS England to ensure that issues are logged centrally and handled in a consistent way.

The system is, in effect, a claims system for contractors who have been detrimentally affected by Capita’s running of PCSE. Examples of this could be where statutory deadlines and time limits for market entry, set out in the NHS (Pharmaceutical and Local Pharmaceutical Services) Regulations 2013, have not been met, or where payments such as pre-registration payments have been made late.

Contractors wishing to raise issues should:

  • Send details of any concerns, for example delays or payments made late, and evidence of the detrimental loss, for example, invoices or bank charges, to:;
  • Send a copy (and any further correspondence) to PSNC at:, so that PSNC can track the number and type of concerns raised; and
  • Continue to send any general queries or complaints to and respectively. These will be managed as normal.

Contractors are encouraged to provide as much detail as possible, as NHS England will need to see evidence of loss or detrimental impact to the pharmacy.

NHS England has said that inquiries sent to the email address will be logged and acknowledged. Claims will be appropriately reviewed (by local teams if necessary), seeking further information as necessary. NHS England may then reject them or offer appropriate goodwill payments to contractors.

The letter from Karen Wheeler says: “The purpose of this arrangement is to provide a co-ordinated way for individual performers and contractors to raise issues which have had a detrimental impact. Inevitably there will be issues raised that NHS England is either unable to consider or resolve and correspondents will be advised accordingly about these.”

Further information about this process and how to handle issues with the PCSE service can be found on our webpage.

PSNC will continue to monitor the situation, providing more information to contractors should it become available, and also continuing to press NHS England to appropriately compensate contractors for losses incurred.

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