Change of circumstance or ODS code for your pharmacy? Read our guide

Change of circumstance or ODS code for your pharmacy? Read our guide

March 18, 2019

PSNC has updated its guidance to support contractors whose pharmacies are due to have a change of location or ownership.

Changes of circumstance such as new owners, relocations and closures are subject to regulatory requirements, but PSNC’s guide focuses on mitigating potential IT/Electronic Prescription Service (EPS) issues where such changes are planned.

PSNC recommends that community pharmacy contractors prepare for a change of circumstance by familiarising themselves with the guidance. As the full transition period for EPS and NHS IT services takes at least one month, it is preferable to let the local NHS England team know about the change at least one month in advance. Importantly, that timescale is separate from the additional up-to-14-day notice period stated in the “notice of commencement” form and required for some changes (further explained within the briefing below).

If the pharmacy’s ODS (F) code is due to change – which may be necessary in some scenarios – then additional preparations will be required so that EPS nominations can be transferred, the pharmacy is listed as ‘EPS-ready’ on the NHS website, the local Registration Authority updates staff Smartcards, etc.


The guidance below outlines scenarios where ODS codes are likely to need to be changed and the actions contractors should take for as smooth a transition as possible.


PSNC Briefing: Change of pharmacy circumstance guide: ODS codes and planning require should your ODS code change


PSNC has also added new FAQs on this topic to its ODS webpage. 

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