Contractor Update: PSNC responds to proposed concession prices

Contractor Update: PSNC responds to proposed concession prices

December 11, 2017

UPDATE: Final list published.

This morning (Monday 11th December) PSNC has responded to the Department of Health (DH) on their proposed concession prices for November, so that they can be considered alongside November’s payment in the usual way.

Our response is to a list of proposed concession prices for November concessions which we received from DH on Friday, following repeated pressure from PSNC.

DH’s action in delaying many November concessions has caused massive concerns for contractors as they will need to pay for November supplies at the end of December, and this will include many lines purchased at very high prices.

In light of these extreme pressures and the high level of press interest in this area we are advising contractors of this latest news now. We will provide further details as soon as we can via our website and email news alerts.

PSNC is pressing for confirmation of December concessions as soon as possible. We are also working to ensure that the DH understands the problems and risks if pharmacies are not able to obtain medicines for patients in a timely manner, and pressing for better systems to address the impact of high price rises.

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