CPAF screening process update and next steps

CPAF screening process update and next steps

July 20, 2018

Community pharmacy contractors responded positively to this year’s Community Pharmacy Assurance Framework (CPAF) screening questionnaire, with 98% completing the survey by the closing date.

The next stage of the CPAF monitoring process will begin shortly and PSNC has produced these FAQs to help contractors understand what is due to happen next.

Q. I submitted the CPAF screening questionnaire by the closing date; what happens next?
A. During September/October 2018, NHS England will visit around 2% of pharmacies to validate the answers given to the screening questionnaire. This selection of pharmacies will include some who have scored 3s for all questions in the screening questionnaire. These visits provide the opportunity for pharmacies to showcase added value and any local initiatives undertaken. The aim is for local NHS England teams to observe areas of good practice and also identify any situation where answers provided appear inconsistent with the evidence available.

Q. If I am selected to do the full CPAF questionnaire, when will I be invited to complete this?
A. The full CPAF questionnaire will be available for selected pharmacies to complete between Thursday 1st November and Sunday 2nd December 2018. NHS England will decide which pharmacies to invite to complete the full CPAF questionnaire. Some pharmacies are more likely to be asked to complete the full CPAF questionnaire taking into account factors and sources of information such as non-completion of the CPAF screening questionnaire and where there are concerns relating to patient safety.

Q. I completed the full CPAF questionnaire; does this mean my pharmacy will certainly be subject to a contract monitoring visit?
A. Not necessarily. In December 2018, NHS England will decide which pharmacies will be visited for contract monitoring purposes – it may be that NHS England decide not to visit a pharmacy following their more in-depth response, i.e. the full CPAF questionnaire. Once pharmacies have been selected then arrangements will be made for those visits to take place; these are expected to happen between January and March 2019.

Q. I haven’t been invited to complete the full CPAF questionnaire; can I complete it anyway?
A. Yes, you may choose to do so. A PDF of the full CPAF questionnaire for 2017/18 is currently available on the NHS Business Services Authority (NHS BSA) website for all pharmacies to access who wish to use it for training or self-assurance purposes.

Contractors can find out more information on the CPAF monitoring process outlined in the 2018/19 process in the contract monitoring section of the PSNC website.

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