CPPE Corner: New Vaccination Services DoC launched

CPPE Corner: New Vaccination Services DoC launched

September 13, 2018

The Centre for Pharmacy Postgraduate Education (CPPE) has launched a new DoC applicable for both the NHS Flu Vaccination Service and locally commissioned influenza services. We spoke to Lesley Grimes, CPPE lead pharmacist, learning development, to find out more.

CPPE has updated its Declaration of Competence (DoC) framework for vaccinations.

Previously, there have been two separate DoC frameworks for vaccinations; the NHS Seasonal Influenza Vaccination Advanced Service and other locally commissioned Immunisation services. This meant that those providing the NHS service along with a locally commissioned influenza service were required to complete two DoCs.

Those two DoCs have now been merged into a new single DoC framework for all vaccination services. It is recommended that you revisit the DoC every two years, so some people may not need to complete the new, merged DoC if they completed the practical training and DoC for the 2017/18 influenza season.

As the new DoC covers all vaccinations, the competency framework should be revisited and the statement of declaration re-signed whenever a service for a different vaccination is introduced.

In addition to completing the DoC, the requirement for healthcare professionals to complete an annual update, which can be self-directed learning rather than face-to face training, remains.

The 2018 National Minimum Standards and Core Curriculum for Immunisation Training for Registered Healthcare Practitioners include a new requirement for supervised clinical practice following training. Both the merged DoC and statement of declaration have been amended to include a clause relating to this.

PSNC has developed some frequently asked questions relating to the supervision clause.

For further information on the Declaration of Competence system, visit: www.cppe.ac.uk/doc

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