Drug Tariff news: Hydroquinone and Mesalazine

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Drug Tariff news: Hydroquinone and Mesalazine

January 27, 2016

Hydroquinone 4% Cream 

The Department of Health has confirmed that there is an incorrect listing in Part VIIIA for Hydroquinone 4% cream 1g in the December 2015, January and February 2016 Drug Tariffs.

Hydroquinone 4% cream 30g is correctly listed in Part VIIIB under ‘Arrangements for payment for specials and imported unlicensed medicines’. The Pricing Authority  has confirmed that the listing of this product has not affected reimbursement; prescriptions for Hydroquinone 4% cream have been and will continue to be reimbursed under the Part VIIIB arrangements.

The Dictionary of Medicines and Devices has also been updated to reflect this.

For further information, please visit the NHS Business Services Authority website.


Drug Tariff listing change to Mesalazine 400mg GR tablets.

There are changes to the Mesalazine 400mg gastro resistant tablets listing in Part VIIIA  in the February 2016 Drug Tariff. Changes to the Drug Tariff impact on reimbursement so it’s important to take note when amendments are made to product listings.
There  are now two listings for Mesalazine 400mg gastro resistant tablets:

  • The 90 pack size remains in the tariff; however, reimbursement will now be based on Octasa 400mg MR gastro-resistant tablets; and
  • There will be an addition of an 84 pack size and reimbursement will be based on Asacol 400mg MR gastro-resistant tablets

For Part VIIIA Category C products where there are multiple pack sizes listed, endorsement of the pack size is needed to ensure correct reimbursement.

For further information on endorsement  visit  psnc.org.uk/endorsement

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