EPS prescriptions now over 85% of total items

EPS prescriptions now over 85% of total items

July 2, 2020

Electronic prescriptions sent via the Electronic Prescription Service (EPS) now make up more than 85% of all dispensed prescriptions.

The COVID-19 outbreak has increased the rate of use of EPS, with the service now being utilised by more GP Access/virtual hubs, walk-in centres and out of hours settings than ever before, and uptake in urgent care settings contributing towards the wider use of EPS.

One-off nomination is now available in many GP practices and other care settings, allowing prescriptions to be sent to an alternative pharmacy without affecting a patient’s existing nominations and avoiding the need for paper print-outs. This feature will soon roll-out to the remaining GP practice systems.

Latest figures show that 53% of GP practices are now using Phase 4 EPS.

Read more at our EPS and EPS updates pages.

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