Epipen Junior Shortage – Patient Letter

Epipen Junior Shortage – Patient Letter

October 15, 2018

Following the ongoing supply issues with Epipen Junior 150mcg which are expected to last for several months, NHS England has today issued a letter (shared through GPs) to all patients and users of Epipen Junior with further advice.

To view the letter click here.

The letter can be used by pharmacies to support patients and make them aware of the latest advice which includes some of the following recommendations:

  • Children should avoid known allergens as much as possible.
  • In the event of a severe allergic or anaphylactic reaction, the child must be given their adrenaline straight away and 999 contacted as usual
  • Expiry dates on a pen refer to the end of the stated month for example ‘Expiry date: November 2018’ refers to 30th November 2018
  • An out-of-date pen can still be used – It might give a lower dose of adrenaline but it is not dangerous and is better than no immediate treatment
  • Alternative pens may be supplied for example Jext or Emerade and the instructions for use differ between different devices
  • A child weighing more than 25kg (4 stone) should be prescribed a 300mcg adrenaline pen, even though this may fall outside the product licence for Jext and Emerade
  • When ordering replacement pens, priority will be given to those with out-of-date pens so patients should not seek to replace their pen until it has reached its expiry
  • The letter includes links to training videos for each device


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