Evaluation of GP pharmacists pilot published

Evaluation of GP pharmacists pilot published

July 27, 2018

The University of Nottingham has published an evaluation of NHS England’s initiative to integrate pharmacists into general practice, as originally outlined in the General Practice Forward View.

The research team investigated the role and impact of the newly created pharmacist roles from the perspectives of the pharmacists, their work colleagues, stakeholders and patients. The  evaluation also considers how likely GP pharmacists are to improve service delivery related to medicines and the activities they have introduced to enhance collaborative working with other healthcare providers, such as community pharmacy, hospital pharmacy and Clinical Commissioning Groups.

This NHS England-funded study was undertaken as part of phase 1 of NHS England’s pilot to invest in GP pharmacists.

Read the evaluation report here.

PSNC Chief Executive Simon Dukes said:

“PSNC is pleased but not surprised to see that pharmacists have had a positive impact on GP capacity and workload. Patients value spending time with pharmacists and there is much evidence that this interaction can improve people’s understanding and use of medicines.

All pharmacists have the knowledge to offer extensive medicines support and advice to patients. We would like to see community pharmacists fully empowered to use their clinical skills in this way, working closely with pharmacists in all other settings. Community pharmacies remain for many people the gateway to NHS services and they can do much to improve patient safety and outcomes; PSNC’s aim is for this potential to be maximised so that all pharmacies have the opportunity to support the work being done by GPs and others in the best way possible.

We were pleased to see that on some sites pharmacists in GP practices have actively engaged and met regularly with local community pharmacies – this collaborative working could bring great benefits in ensuring that patients receive joined up and consistent pharmaceutical care. We are keen to work with NHS England to explore how community pharmacies can be better integrated with general practice for the benefit of patients and the NHS.”

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