Flu vaccination for 50-64-year olds – Are you vaccinating in line with the PGD?

Flu vaccination for 50-64-year olds – Are you vaccinating in line with the PGD?

September 11, 2020

Contractors are reminded that as part of the further extension to the vaccine programme in 2020/21, people in the 50-64-year old age group cannot be vaccinated until an announcement is made by NHS England and NHS Improvement (NHSE&I). This is likely to occur in November or December. The decision on commencing vaccination of this group of patients will be informed by the availability of vaccine and progress made with vaccinating the other target groups.

This approach is being taken to ensure that those who are most at risk of flu are vaccinated first. Patients aged 50-64 and who are in one of the clinical at-risk groups which are eligible for the flu vaccination can have their flu vaccination prior to the announcement.

Notification of the phased eligibility of individuals in this cohort when formally announced will be available at:


NHSE&I will announce the point from which this group of patients can be vaccinated. Prior to that point, patients aged 50-64 who are not in one of the clinical at-risk groups are NOT eligible to be vaccinated under this service. Contractors doing so are acting outside the Patient Group Direction (PGD) and therefore will not be able to claim payment for these vaccinations.

Within the PGD for this year’s service, it is additionally highlighted that the 50-64-year group will be split down into year groups. The PGD states an announcement may relate to just one year group or more than one year group. Confirmation that the use of this PGD may be extended to a specified year group or groups will be provided with authorisation from the national PGD signatories and will then be published, together with the start date for the extension, by NHSE&I at:


This will also be communicated to community pharmacies via NHSmail.


For more information refer to the PSNC flu vaccination hub page

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