Keeping NHS England informed about Fitness to Practise (FTP)

Keeping NHS England informed about Fitness to Practise (FTP)

July 31, 2018

NHS pharmacy contractors are reminded that under the terms of service, it is a requirement to keep the local NHS England team updated if they are subject to any incident which may affect their FTP.

Within 7 days

All contractors (including all directors, superintendents of limited companies) who are the subject of new adverse FTP incidents must let their local NHS Teams know in writing within 7 days of the occurrence. 

Adverse FTP incidents include where contractors are charged, “bound over” or convicted of a criminal offence in the UK, accept a police caution, are subject to a criminal investigation by the police, become subject to an investigation into their conduct by any licensing or regulatory body (such as GPhC), receive notification of an adverse outcome of a GPhC investigation into their conduct, are under investigation by NHS BSA in relation to an allegation of fraud etc. 

Within 30 days 

Contractors must notify their local NHS England team in writing within 30 days (or if not practicable, then as soon as possible thereafter) of any change which requires the information that NHS England has about them to be updated. 

Common examples of changes which need to be notified include in the case of limited companies; changes to the names of its directors, the name or address of its current superintendent or notification of appointment of a new superintendent. Also any change to the official company name, registration number, registered office or telephone number (relating to the registered office) must be notified. 

Soletraders or traditional partnerships of pharmacists must also remember that any change to their private address must be notified to the local NHS England team. 

For more information, please see the terms of service (particularly, paragraphs 31-32 of Schedule 4).  

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