New materials highlight benefits of SCR

New materials highlight benefits of SCR

June 23, 2016

The Health & Social Care Information Centre (HSCIC) has developed a series of materials highlighting the benefits of Summary Care Record (SCR) access.

Since SCR implementation began earlier this year, only around 15% of community pharmacies have gone live so far. HSCIC and PSNC are eager to see all community pharmacies taking up the opportunity to attend training events and go live whilst the funding is available (until 31st March 2017).

55 million patients have an SCR and accessing it can help pharmacists treat patients more efficiently and effectively with less need to contact GPs, even out-of-hours. Plus, for a limited period, community pharmacies can receive free training and a payment of £200 once the pharmacy has gone live (see details below).

The new materials created by HSCIC include:

  • A pharmacy case study describing how SCR access works in practise;
  • Storyboards giving examples of scenarios in which accessing the SCR could be beneficial; and
  • Factsheets highlighting key statistics, examples of when to access the SCR and the role of the Privacy Officer.

Visit the dedicated section of PSNC’s website for links to HSCIC’s materials, as well as general guidance on SCR access:

SCR training

Prior to SCR usage one person per site is to have attended an HSCIC or HSCIC approved face-to-face implementation briefing. As pharmacy professionals will already be aware, these SCR briefing events are taking place across the country for a limited period.

We recommend that all pharmacists and pharmacy technicians avoid missing out on their nearest scheduled event before training finishes in their area. If necessary, pharmacy professionals may also apply to attend an event in a neighbouring area.

Events run for a limited period in each area, so book online now before it’s too late!

Details of local training events can be found at:

Using SCR

As soon as you’ve attended a training event, complete the final tasks required to begin accessing the SCR and get stuck in.

Payment of the one-off £200 SCR allowance will be triggered when the contractor has submitted the SCR in Community Pharmacy Usage Agreement to HSCIC and accessed the SCR.

Making use of the SCR helps show that community pharmacy needs write access.

PSNC has created an implementation checklist to help pharmacy teams get started:

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