New Vaccination Services Declaration of Competence launched

New Vaccination Services Declaration of Competence launched

July 10, 2018

The Community Pharmacy Competence Group (CPCG) has published a new combined Vaccination Services Declaration of Competence (DoC) which is hosted on the Centre for Pharmacy Postgraduate Education website.

Previously, there were two separate DoC frameworks for vaccination services; the NHS Seasonal Influenza Vaccination Advanced Service and other locally commissioned Immunisation services; these two have been merged into a single DoC.

Pharmacy professionals who will be providing the NHS Seasonal Flu Vaccination Advanced Service and a locally commissioned influenza service will now only be required to complete one DoC.

The 2018 National Minimum Standards and Core Curriculum for Immunisation Training for Registered Healthcare Practitioners include the requirement for supervised clinical practice following training and this has been highlighted in the new DoC and statement of declaration. PSNC has published Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) which explain this requirement in more detail.

FAQs on the new DoC

Q. I have already completed a DoC for the NHS Seasonal Influenza Vaccination Advanced Service 2017/18. Do I need to complete it again?
The CPCG recommends that pharmacists revisit their DoCs every two years, so if you last completed the flu vaccination DoC in 2017/18, you would not need to complete the new vaccination DoC until the 2019/20 flu vaccination season.

As the new DoC covers all vaccinations, the competency framework should be revisited, and the statement of declaration re-signed whenever a pharmacist starts to offer a service with different vaccines to those that they have previously administered..

Q. How soon can I complete the DoC for the NHS Seasonal Influenza Vaccination Advanced Service 2018/19?
Pharmacists that need to complete a DoC for the 2018/19 flu vaccination season can now start to work through the DoC framework and complete any learning, training and assessment to fill any gaps identified. However, the service documents such as the service specification and Patient Group Direction (PGD) for this service are not available until later in the summer. You will need to read, understand and sign these documents before you sign your statement of declaration for this service.

Q. How can I find out more?
For more information and to access all DoCs, visit the CPPE website.

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