Nominations for non-CCA Multiple Chemist representatives close soon


Nominations for non-CCA Multiple Chemist representatives close soon

February 1, 2018

The closing date for nominations to the position of non-CCA Multiple Chemist representative on PSNC is fast approaching.

PSNC has already received six valid candidate nominations for the three positions available; three from candidates nominated by a non-CCA Multiple Chemist with fewer than 30 premises on the pharmaceutical list in England.

Any non-CCA Multiple Chemist (which includes all contractors that are members of the Association of Multiple Chemists, regardless of the number of NHS pharmacies they own) can nominate a candidate, but this will be the first non-CCA Multiple Chemist Representatives election to guarantee smaller Multiple Chemists representation on PSNC, if a candidate from a smaller non-CCA Multiple Chemist stands.

In October 2017, an amendment to PSNC Rules ensured that one of the elected representatives must be a candidate nominated by a Multiple Chemist that has fewer than 30 premises on the pharmaceutical list in England, if one or more such candidates are nominated.

The PSNC election is open to all nominations, provided the correct procedure is followed. Even if you have been through a procedure to select a preferred candidate, you may still choose to enter the PSNC election, if you wish to do so. Completed nomination forms must be received no later than 12 noon (midday) on Monday 5 February 2018.

The voting process

PSNC will hold a ballot if there are more than three candidates when we reach the deadline for nominations – this is likely since we have five valid nominations to date. Each non-CCA Multiple Chemist contractor has one vote for each of its NHS pharmacy premises in England; which may be allocated to any candidate standing in the election. The contractor is free to choose how to allocate its votes to any of the candidates – whether that be all to one candidate or splitting the votes between several candidates. A smaller non-CCA Multiple Chemist can vote for a larger non-CCA Multiple Chemist and vice versa.

The candidates with the most votes will be elected, but, and this is the new provision in the rules, the highest placed candidate which was nominated by a ‘non-CCA Multiple Chemist with fewer than 30 premises on the pharmaceutical list in England’ will be elected, even if it is not in the top three. So, we may see only the top two candidates elected and the highest placed candidate from the smaller non-CCA Multiple Chemist.

For more information on the PSNC elections, including the election processes, actions required for those seeking to stand for or vote in the elections, please see our previous news story.

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