NUMSAS update: information for contractors providing the service

NUMSAS update: information for contractors providing the service

January 23, 2018

NHS England has undertaken an initial evaluation of the NHS Urgent Medicine Supply Advanced Service (NUMSAS), which has identified some of the positive impact the service is having for patients. NHS England has also shared with PSNC a slide set which provides an update on the NUMSAS pilot:

NHS England NUMSAS pilot January 2018 update

Headline data from the slide set includes:

  • 3,710 pharmacies have registered to provide the service (up to 8th January 2018);
  • between December 2016 and November 2017, there were 35,108 items supplied by community pharmacies;
  • Ventolin/Salbutamol inhalers were the top two medicines supplied;
  • 93% of 1,928 patients completing a patient questionnaire were very satisfied with the service; and
  • if the pharmacist had not made a supply, 24% of patients say they would have gone without the medicines, 4% would have contacted their GP practice, 41% would have contacted the GP OOH service and 20% would have gone to an urgent care centre, such as A&E.

Two points have been identified in the initial evaluation on which pharmacy teams providing the service are asked to take action:

Completing patient questionnaires

Approximately 15% of patients who have received the service have completed a patient questionnaire. The data from the questionnaires is important for the evaluation of the service, so community pharmacy teams are reminded of the importance of asking patients to complete a copy of the national patient questionnaire (Annex D of the NUMSAS service specification) following the supply of a medicine of appliance.

NHS England has launched an IT platform to enable patient questionnaires from the NUMSAS to be completed electronically either by the patient themselves or with help from the pharmacy team. When patient questionnaires are completed on paper, contractors should utilise the functionality available on the IT platform to submit patients’ responses to the questionnaire so that these responses can be collated and analysed along with those submitted electronically.

Completing the FP10DT EPS token when a supply was not made

The initial evaluation has identified that 29% of the FP10DT EPS tokens completed when a supply is not made as part of the service, do not contain the name of the medicine that was not supplied. This is important information for use in the evaluation of the service, so pharmacy teams are reminded of the importance of including this on the token.

A PSNC Briefing is available which contains a checklist for completing the FP10DT EPS dispensing token after each referral, regardless of whether a supply was made or not, that pharmacy teams can use as a reference.

More information on the service can be found on

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