Pharmacy EPS costs and benefits study: key points for community pharmacy teams

Pharmacy EPS costs and benefits study: key points for community pharmacy teams

September 22, 2017

Community pharmacy teams who have updated their dispensing processes to consider the different actions required for electronic prescriptions are benefitting most from the Electronic Prescription Service (EPS), according to a study published today.

The PwC study, commissioned by NHS Digital and agreed with NHS England and PSNC, set out to assess the costs and benefits associated with EPS Release 2 compared to paper prescriptions.

PSNC, NHS England and NHS Employers worked with NHS Digital to support the design of the independent study undertaken by PwC. Work included visits to a range of pharmacies across England, which included time and motion studies at those pharmacies and interviews with pharmacy team members, as well as collecting feedback on EPS from a larger group of contractors and their teams via an online survey.

From PwC’s findings, PSNC and NHS Digital have identified key points which will be of interest to pharmacy contractors and their teams, including those which may help pharmacy teams to better utilise EPS Release 2. These key points and further information have been compiled into the following Briefings:

The full PwC reports are also available here: EPS study and EPS study learnings.

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